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Zombie Costumes

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Get ready to rise from the dead with our chilling selection of Zombie Costumes. From gruesome undead creatures to creepy zombie nurses, we have the perfect outfits to make heads turn. Whether you're looking for a classic or modern twist, our zombie costumes will bring your Halloween nightmares to life.
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1 - 60 of 173
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Child Dr Deranged Zombie Doctor
Sale - 67% Made By Us
Child's Worm Wishes From The Grave Costume
Sale - 90%
Kid's The Stalking Dead Zombie Costume
Clearance  - 68% Made By Us
Adult Deluxe Disney Billy Butcherson Costume
Sale - 29% Made By Us
Kids Skeleton Costume
Sale - 33%
Women's Dreadful Nun Costume update
Made By Us
Child's Zombie Football Player Costume
Made By Us
Zombie Nurse Costume
Made By Us
Zombie Princess Costume
Made By Us
Miss Dead Receptionist Costume
Made By Us
Plus Size Adult Hocus Pocus Billy Butcherson Costume-0
Sale - 18% Made By Us
Kids Ghoulish Zombie Costume
Sale - 57% Made By Us
Toddler Plants Vs Zombies Zombie Costume
Sale - 20% Made By Us
Zombie Astronaut Costume
Sale - 13% Made By Us
Kids Zombie Pirate Costume
Sale - 22% Made By Us
Zombie School Girl Costume
Made By Us
Kids Zombie Girl Costume
Sale - 47%
Girls Zombie Queen Costume
Sale - 63% Made By Us
Boys Punk Rock Zombie Costume
Sale - 29%
Kid's Zombie Soccer Player Costume
Made By Us
Boy's Zombie Hunter Costume
Sale - 50%
Speechless Immortal Mask-0-0
Sale - 44% Made By Us
Products 1 - 60 of 173

Welcome to our Zombie Costumes category, where the undead come to life! If you're ready to join the ranks of the walking dead this Halloween, you've come to the right place. Our selection of zombie costumes is sure to make you the most terrifying creature at any Halloween party or haunted house.

Prepare to unleash your inner zombie with our wide range of costumes that cater to all ages and sizes. Whether you're looking for a classic zombie look or a unique twist on the undead theme, we have something for everyone. From creepy zombie doctors and nurses, to zombie cheerleaders and prom queens, our collection offers a variety of options to suit your style. We even have zombie costumes inspired by popular movies and TV shows, so you can bring your favorite undead characters to life.

Our zombie costumes are not only incredibly detailed and realistic, but also comfortable to wear. They are made from high-quality materials that allow for easy movement, so you can perfect your zombie walk and groan. Many of our costumes also come with additional accessories like masks, prosthetics, and fake blood, to enhance your transformation into a flesh-eating creature of the night.

Whether you're attending a Halloween party, trick-or-treating with friends, or participating in a zombie-themed event, our zombie costumes will ensure you stand out from the crowd. You'll send shivers down spines and create a truly memorable Halloween experience for everyone you encounter.

Not only are our zombie costumes perfect for Halloween, but they are also great for cosplay events, zombie walks, and horror conventions. With our extensive selection, you can create your own zombie apocalypse and bring the undead to life all year round.

Browse through our collection of zombie costumes and let your imagination run wild. Unleash your inner monster and embrace the thrill of being a brain-hungry zombie. Don't forget to check out our other Halloween accessories, such as zombie makeup kits and fake wounds, to complete your terrifying look.

So, whether you want to be a gruesome zombie bride, a decomposing zombie pirate, or a blood-soaked zombie schoolgirl, our Zombie Costumes category has everything you need to make your undead dreams a reality. Get ready to scare and shock this Halloween with our spine-chilling selection of zombie costumes. Remember, the living dead never looked so good!