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Mean Girls

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Get ready to slay this Halloween with our Mean Girls Halloween Ideas! From Regina George's iconic "Ex-Wife" costume to Karen Smith's hilarious "Mouse, Duh" ensemble, we've got the perfect looks to channel your inner mean girl. Discover our wickedly stylish collection and become the ultimate Queen Bee of the night!
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Mean Girls Christmas Costume Update
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Regina George Mom Mean Girls Costume
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Burn Book Sandwich Board Costume
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Mean Girls Gretchen Wieners Cat Halloween Costume
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Mean Girls Burn Book Stretchy Book Cover
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Mean Girls Back Brace Regina George Costume
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Womens Mean Girls Spring Fling Kady Costume
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Burn Book Costume Companion
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Welcome to our Mean Girls Halloween Ideas category, where you can unleash your inner Regina George or channel your inner Cady Heron. Get ready to rule the Halloween scene with our fabulous selection of Mean Girls-inspired costumes and accessories.

If you're a fan of the iconic movie, you'll love our wide range of costume options that will transform you into your favorite Mean Girls character. Whether you want to be the ultimate queen bee, Regina George, or the new girl on the block, Cady Heron, we have the perfect costume for you.

Dress up as Regina George and embrace your sassy side. Our selection includes her infamous Plastics outfit, complete with a pink mini skirt, a "Burn Book" prop, and of course, the iconic "A little bit dramatic" attitude. You'll be the center of attention at any Halloween party, just like Regina herself.

If you're more of a Cady Heron, we've got you covered too. Transform into the innocent new girl who becomes the ultimate mean girl. Choose from Cady's casual high school outfits or go for her unforgettable Halloween costume, the "Ex-Wife." With our selection, you'll be able to recreate her hilarious moments from the movie.

But Mean Girls isn't just about Regina and Cady. We also have costumes for other beloved characters like Karen Smith and Gretchen Wieners. Dress up as Karen and show off your love for mathletes in her iconic "I'm a mouse, duh" costume. Or embrace your inner Gretchen with her signature Plastics outfit and don't forget to perfect your "fetch" catchphrase.

Complete your Mean Girls look with our range of accessories. From Regina's tiara to Cady's Mathletes jacket, we have everything you need to take your costume to the next level. Don't forget to add some attitude and sass to your outfit – after all, it's all about being a mean girl.

With our Mean Girls Halloween Ideas category, you can relive the drama, the fashion, and the iconic moments from the movie. So grab your Plastics and get ready to rule Halloween with our fabulous selection of costumes and accessories. Shop now and make Halloween a truly "fetch" experience!