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Get ready to rule the Halloween night with our stunning collection of crowns and tiaras! Whether you want to channel your inner queen or add a touch of fairytale enchantment to your costume, we have the perfect headpiece for you. Elevate your Halloween look and embrace your regal side with our exquisite selection. Shop now and reign supreme!
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Gold Crown
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Royal King Hat
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Gold Laurel Leaf Crown
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King Crown
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King of Hearts Crown
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Fantasy Woodland Crown
Sale - 30%
Gold Peak Circlet Adjustable
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Women's Daisy Flower Crown
Sale - 20% Made By Us
Queen of Hearts Crown
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Breakfast at Tiffany's Crown
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Viking Crown
Medusa Snake Crown
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Gold Leaf Crown
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Deluxe Gold Leaf Crown
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Silver Crown
Made By Us
Mermaid Crown
Sale - 38% Made By Us
Darling Daisy Crown update
Sale - 38% Made By Us
Ancient Crown
Unicorn Flower Crown Accessory2
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Products 1 - 60 of 78

When it's time to dazzle the room with royal allure, our crowns and tiaras category has your throne-worthy Halloween looks covered! Whether you're channeling an elegant queen, a mystical mermaid, or even your favorite Disney character, these costume accessories elevate your ensemble to majestic heights.

For our budding royals, our kid's costume crowns and tiaras bring out the little prince or princess vibes in your young one, making them the star of any Halloween parade. Get ready to shine in a Queen of Hearts crown, or choose a matching King of Hearts crown because royalty always comes in pairs, right?

For those looking to dive into whimsical realms, our mermaid crowns and fairy tiaras are perfect. Whether you're floating above in a fairy tale or swimming below the waves, these pieces will complete your ethereal look. Dive into history (but with a Halloween twist) with crowns tailored for historical figure costumes, or bring a touch of Renaissance magic to modern-day festivals.

Ahoy, pirates and fairytale lovers! Our Queen, King, princess, and prince costume crowns guarantee a noble look, no matter the storybook you hail from. And if you're leaning into a darker tale, our scary costume crown adds that eerie touch, making you the monarch of the macabre. Don't forget our enchanting women's circlet accessory, delicate flower crowns, or the kits to craft your own regal radiance.

The glimmer? Costume magic. The allure? All you! While these aren't made with real jewels and aren't relics from a bygone era, the exclusives are crafted with passion to make your Halloween costume shine. After all, every monarch (or mermaid or fairy) needs their crown—and we've got the perfect one waiting for you!

So, whether you're reigning over a Halloween party or simply looking to add a touch of royal flair to your dress-up collection, our costume crowns and tiaras are your go-to. Come, find your crown, and let the kingdom of Halloween see the regal you!