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Get ready for a heroic Halloween with PJ Masks Costumes! Transform your little ones into their favorite characters from the hit animated series. From Catboy's agility to Owlette's superpowers, our collection has it all. Let the adventure begin and let their imaginations soar with these amazing costumes. Shop now!
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Kids Deluxe PJ Masks Catboy Costume_Update
Sale - 22%
Deluxe PJ Masks Owlette Costume_Update
Sale - 11%
PJ Masks Kids Gekko Deluxe Light Up Costume
Sale - 40%
PJ Masks Kids Catboy Deluxe Light Up Costume
Sale - 50%
PJ Masks Classic Owlette Toddler Costume-update1
Sale - 17%
PJ Masks Girls Luna Girl Deluxe Costume
Sale - 22%
Adult PJ Masks Romeo Costume
Sale - 25% Made By Us
PJ Masks Luna Adult Costume UPD-2
Made By Us
PJ Masks Catboy Adaptive Costume
Sale - 42%
Adult PJ Masks Romeo Wig
Made By Us
Adult PJ Masks Luna Wig
Made By Us
PJ Masks Catboy Power Up Accessory
Clearance  - 80%
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Step into the world of adventure and excitement with our PJ Masks costumes collection! If your little ones are fans of the hit animated series, then you've come to the right place. Our range of PJ Masks costumes will transport your children to the action-packed world of Catboy, Owlette, and Gekko. Get ready to join the secret superhero team and fight against the nighttime villains with our high-quality costumes that bring these beloved characters to life.

Whether your child wants to be the fast and agile Catboy, the brave and clever Owlette, or the strong and sticky Gekko, we have the perfect costume to fulfill their superhero dreams. Each costume is carefully crafted to capture the essence of the characters, ensuring an immersive playtime experience. From the iconic blue jumpsuit and cat ears of Catboy to the vibrant red wings and owl mask of Owlette, every detail is designed to make your child feel like a true hero.

Our PJ Masks costumes are not only visually stunning but also comfortable to wear. Made from durable and breathable materials, they are perfect for hours of play and adventure. Whether it's a Halloween party, a themed birthday celebration, or just a fun dress-up day at home, these costumes will be the highlight of any event.

In addition to the individual character costumes, we also offer PJ Masks costume sets for those who want to recreate the dynamic trio. These sets include all three characters' costumes, allowing your children and their friends to team up and save the day together. Imagine the excitement and camaraderie as they work together to defeat the mischievous nighttime villains!

Our PJ Masks costumes are available in a range of sizes to fit children of all ages. Simply refer to our size chart to find the perfect fit for your little superheroes. With our wide selection and variety of sizes, you can be confident that you'll find the ideal costume for your child.

So, why wait? Let your child's imagination soar with our PJ Masks costumes. Whether they want to be Catboy, Owlette, Gekko, or all three, these costumes will make their dreams come true. Browse our collection now and watch as your child transforms into their favorite PJ Masks character, ready to save the day and have a blast this Halloween and beyond!