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Lilo and Stitch Costumes

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Get ready for a spooktacular Halloween with our Lilo and Stitch Costumes! Transform into your favorite Hawaiian duo and make a splash at any party or trick-or-treating adventure. From adorable Lilo dresses to Stitch jumpsuits, our collection has everything you need to create a memorable and enchanting Halloween look. Shop now and let the mischief begin!
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Deluxe Adult Lilo Costume
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Stitch Baby Carrier Cover
Sale - 38% Made By Us
Lilo and Stitch Toddler Lilo Costume
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Kids Disney Stitch Costume Dress
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Toddler Stitch Costume
Toddler Deluxe Disney Lilo Costume
Sale - 29% Made By Us
Stitch Infant Costume
Plus Size Disney Angel Lilo and Stitch Costume
Sale - 14% Made By Us
Stitch Face Headband Main UPD
Sale - 15% Made By Us
Scrump Costume Companion
Made By Us
Disney Angel Costume Headband
Made By Us
Adult Stitch Fuzzy Cap
Sale - 25% Made By Us
Kids Inflatable Stitch Costume
Out of Stock
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Welcome to our Lilo and Stitch Costumes category! Get ready to dive into the tropical world of Hawaii and experience the magic of this beloved Disney movie. Whether you're a fan of Lilo, Stitch, or both, we have the perfect costumes to bring your favorite characters to life this Halloween.

Step into the shoes of the spirited and adventurous Lilo with our wide selection of Lilo costumes. From her iconic red and white dress to her signature flower hair clip, you'll find everything you need to capture Lilo's vibrant personality. Whether you're attending a Halloween party or trick-or-treating with friends, our Lilo costumes will make you the center of attention.

If you're more of a mischievous alien, our Stitch costumes will be right up your alley. Embrace your inner troublemaker with our cute and cuddly Stitch jumpsuits. Complete with his blue fur, large ears, and signature antennas, our Stitch costumes are perfect for those who want to add a touch of chaos to their Halloween festivities.

But why stop at just one character? We also offer a variety of Lilo and Stitch duo costumes, allowing you to recreate the heartwarming bond between these two unforgettable characters. Whether you're planning a couples costume or a group theme with your friends, our Lilo and Stitch duo costumes will make your Halloween celebration truly memorable.

Don't forget to accessorize your Lilo and Stitch costumes to perfection. We have a range of accessories available, including Stitch masks, Lilo's hula skirt, and even Stitch plush toys to complete your look. With these finishing touches, you'll be ready to embark on a tropical adventure and create unforgettable memories this Halloween.

Our Lilo and Stitch costumes are available in sizes for both adults and children, ensuring that everyone can join in on the fun. Made from high-quality materials, our costumes are comfortable to wear and designed to withstand any Halloween shenanigans you may encounter.

So, whether you want to channel Lilo's free-spirited nature or embrace Stitch's mischievous charm, our Lilo and Stitch Costumes category has everything you need to make this Halloween an unforgettable experience. Browse our selection and get ready to bring the magic of Hawaii to life!