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Get ready to elevate your Halloween costume game with UP Costumes! Browse our extensive collection of spooky, cute, and creative costumes that are guaranteed to make you stand out at any Halloween party. From classic characters to trending themes, UP Costumes has everything you need to make this Halloween unforgettable.
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Carl Glasses
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Carl Latex Mask
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Up Toddler Classic Dug Costume
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Pixar Up Aviator Costume Kit
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Adult Disney UP Kevin Costume Main UPD
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UP Adult Russell Accessory Kit
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Welcome to our UP Costumes category, where adventure awaits! Get ready to take flight and embark on a Halloween adventure like no other. Inspired by the beloved Pixar film, our UP Costumes collection will transport you to a world of imagination and excitement.

Step into the shoes of Carl Fredricksen, the lovable protagonist of UP, with our authentic Carl Fredricksen Costume. With its iconic bow tie, round spectacles, and old-fashioned suit, this costume will have you feeling like a true explorer. Don't forget to bring along your trusty walking cane and attach a bunch of colorful balloons to complete the look!

If you're looking for a more adventurous ensemble, our Wilderness Explorer Costume is perfect for you. Join Russell on his quest to earn his Wilderness Explorer badges. This costume includes a khaki shirt, matching shorts, a sash, and even a backpack to hold all your essentials. Explore the neighborhood, collect candy, and maybe even spot a rare bird or two!

For those who want to embrace the spirit of adventure in a more whimsical way, our Kevin the Bird Costume is a must-have. Become the lovable giant bird who captures everyone's hearts in UP. This costume features a vibrant bird suit with colorful feathers and a character mask that will make you stand out at any Halloween party.

And let's not forget about Dug, everyone's favorite talking dog! Our Dug the Dog Costume will transform you into this hilarious and loyal canine companion. Complete with a furry jumpsuit, a dog collar, and a pair of big, floppy ears, this costume will have you barking with laughter all night long.

Whether you're a fan of UP or simply looking for a unique and adventurous Halloween costume, our UP Costumes collection has something for everyone. From young explorers to young at heart, these costumes will bring the magic of the movie to life.

So, grab your sense of adventure and get ready to soar into the Halloween spirit with our UP Costumes. Explore the unknown, make memories, and create your own unforgettable Halloween adventure. Shop now and let your imagination take flight!