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Unleash your darkest fears with our Evil Clown Costumes. Perfect for Halloween, these spine-chilling ensembles will send shivers down spines. From menacing makeup to twisted attire, our collection guarantees to bring nightmares to life. Embrace the sinister allure of these hauntingly captivating costumes.
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Adult Killer Clown Costume
Sale - 13%
Boys Killer Clown Costume
Sale - 29%
Women's Sinister Circus Clown Costume
Made By Us Exclusive
Kid's Creeper Clown Costume
Sale - 11%
Women's Sadistic Clown Costume
Sale - 18%
Kids Vissago Costume with Mask
Sale - 40% Made By Us
Frightful Clown Womens Costume
Made By Us Exclusive
Womens Sexy Plus Size Killer Clown Costume
Sale - 21%
Child Creepy Clown
Sale - 20%
Girl's Scary Clown Costume
Sale - 20%
Boys Creepy Clown
Sale - 50%
Kids Nightmare Clown Costume
Sale - 73% Made By Us
Kids Psycho Clown Costume
Sale - 33%
Kids Red Chrome Clown Costume
Sale - 25%
Trix the Clown Mask
Sale - 31% Made By Us
Adult Loopy Clown Full Face Mask--2
Sale - 38% Made By Us
Dark Clown Full Face Mask--2
Clearance  - 40% Made By Us
Big Top Clown Mask
Sale - 22% Made By Us
Child Mimezack Mask
Sale - 17%
Last Laugh Klown Mask-2
Sale - 46% Made By Us
Adult Pickle Klown Mask UPD--2
Sale - 20% Made By Us
Classic Cirkus Clown Mask-0--2
Made By Us
Products 1 - 60 of 94

Welcome to our horrifying collection of Evil Clown Costumes! Prepare to be terrified as you step into the twisted world of these malevolent jesters. Whether you're looking to give your friends a good scare at the next Halloween party or want to become the nightmare-inducing star of a haunted house, our Evil Clown Costumes are sure to send shivers down everyone's spine.

Step right up and explore our wide range of diabolical designs, each one more sinister than the last. From blood-soaked clown suits to eerie masks that will haunt your dreams, we have everything you need to transform into the most chilling clown in town. Our costumes are crafted with attention to detail, ensuring that every stitch and every frayed edge adds to the macabre allure.

For those who prefer a classic evil clown look, we offer a variety of traditional red and black outfits, complete with oversized ruffled collars and menacing sneers. Pair it with a menacing clown mask featuring a twisted grin and soulless eyes, and you'll have everyone running for cover.

If you want to take your evil clown persona to the next level, we have a range of unique and terrifying options. How about a costume that combines the horror of clowns with the eerie charm of dolls? Our doll-inspired evil clown costumes will give you a truly nightmarish appearance that will haunt the memories of all who cross your path.

Don't forget to accessorize your costume to perfection. We have an assortment of wicked clown props such as blood-stained machetes, creepy jester canes, and oversized, razor-sharp teeth. These chilling additions will ensure that your transformation into a malevolent jester is complete.

Our Evil Clown Costumes are available in various sizes and styles, ensuring that everyone can find the perfect fit for their demented alter ego. Whether you're a seasoned Halloween enthusiast or a first-time thrill-seeker, our collection has something for everyone.

So, what are you waiting for? Dive into our nightmarish selection of Evil Clown Costumes and embrace the horror that awaits. Just remember, once you put on these costumes, there's no turning back. Get ready to unleash your inner evil clown and make this Halloween a truly unforgettable nightmare.

Killer Clown Costumes

Step right up, folks, to the creepiest carnival in town! Our killer clown costume collection allows the big top to meet your biggest nightmares. Consider buying a classic like an evil jester costume – it's not all fun and games when you hit the Halloween scene as a sinister harlequin!

We offer killer clown outfits with baggy unisex fits, as well as female scary clown costumes that are tailored just for women. From wild evil clown wigs to blood-splatted suits and tattered fabrics, each costume is carefully designed to enhance every terrifying detail. Choose one to be the ringleader of chills this Halloween, all while looking devilishly stylish!

Demon Clown Costume

Why juggle boredom when you can juggle fear? Our demon clown costume collection turns the circus ring into a ring of fire. The Last Laugh Clown Costume, with its haunting smile and wicked wave, promises a performance that'll haunt your dreams. It's a hit at haunted houses, villain-themed parties, or for causing a scene at any costume event. Dare to don this diabolical attire, and you won't just be the life of the party—you'll be the afterlife of it!

Evil Clown Outfit

Who says terror can't be tailored? Our evil clown costumes for women bring a scream-worthy twist to any event. The Women's Sinister Circus Clown Costume combines glamour with the grotesque, creating a striking image that lingers like a ghost story. The Frightful Clown Costume for women is another dread delight. It serves up a mix of stripes and scares, making it a killer choice for a Halloween haunt or an eerie evening escapade.

Scary Clown Costumes

Prepare for the big scare under the big top, where our scary clown costumes are the main attraction! You can dive into the dark side of the circus with a "carnival" clown costume that brings the terror to the sideshow. And standout choices like the Die Laughing Clown Costume are ready to slice up some screams with its blood-curdling grin!

These costumes are perfect not only for Halloween but also for turning any costume party into a fright fest. With their ghastly details and disturbing designs, they ensure you stand out as the embodiment of terror, whether you're lurking through a haunted house or haunting the dance floor!

Scary Circus Clown Costume

If you'd like a scary circus clown costume this Halloween, the extravaganza is in town! Embrace the macabre with the Creeper Clown Costume for women, where playful patterns meet a sinister smile. And if you're looking to really inflate the fear factor, our Inflatable Evil Clown Costume will have you ballooning over the competition. These outfits are the go-to garb for any event where you want to leave an unforgettable—and unnerving—impression.

Creepy Clown Costumes

When it's time to get your ghoul on, our evil clown Halloween costumes come out to play. Our Women's Creepy Clown Costume blends cute with creepy, sporting a dollop of dread alongside dolled-up details. And for those looking to add an arresting touch to the festivities, our Sexy Killer Clown Costume is your ticket to a thrilling night. Whether it's the witching hour or a special scare-fest, these looks promise to be the twisted hit at any gathering!

Killer Clown Costumes for Kids

Get ready for a spooktacular show-and-tell with our killer clown costumes for kids! These outfits bring the thrill of the haunted circus to the playground. The Kids Nightmare Clown Costume will make your little terror the king of the creepy carnival, while the Boys Evil Clown Costume draped in stars and stripes adds a patriotic punch to the petrifying.

There's no saying what kind of macabre mayhem will be in store when your kiddo chooses one of these outfits. Ideal for a memorable trick-or-treating experience, themed parties, or just a ghoulishly good dress-up day, they will ensure your mini-monster is the talk of the town!

Horror Clown Costume

Tiny pranksters can take their mischief to a monstrous level with a scary killer clown costume! The Psycho Clown Costume, with its maniacal mask and striped style, is perfect for the young trickster plotting some Halloween hijinks. And the Creepy Clown Costume for kids offers gory glory that will let your kiddo steal the spotlight at any scary soirée. Shop the costumes offered on this page to put your eyeballs on the most bone-chilling options!

Killer Clown Costumes for Girls

Little ladies can bring the boom to the boogeyman bash with one of our killer clown Halloween costumes for girls! The Girl's Creepy Clown Costume splatters a striped clown suit with horror, while the Girl's Scary Clown Costume serves up a slice of sinister with a side of sweet. If your little one wants to dance the danse macabre this Halloween, buy one of these outfits, and she'll turn any event into a ghoulishly groovy gala!