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Get ready to arm yourself with the most realistic and spine-chilling Costume Weapons this Halloween. From wicked wands to blood-curdling blades, our collection will complete your costume with a touch of terror. Explore our selection now and add an extra dose of fear to your Halloween ensemble.
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Pirate Flintlock Pistol
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Toy Gun Gangster Prop
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Inflatable Toy Gun
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Pistol Deluxe Playset update
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Toy Police Gun
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Pump Camouflage Shotgun update
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Shoulder Belt With Guns
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Welcome to our Costume Weapons category, where the spooky possibilities are endless! Get ready to arm yourself with the most wicked and realistic weapons to complete your Halloween costume. Whether you're a swashbuckling pirate, a fearless ninja, or a fierce warrior, we have the perfect weapon to enhance your look and take your costume to the next level.

Our collection of Costume Weapons is designed to add that extra touch of authenticity and make you the center of attention at any Halloween party or event. From swords and shields to guns and axes, we have a wide variety of weapons to suit every character and theme. Each weapon is carefully crafted with attention to detail, ensuring that you'll have a realistic and high-quality prop that looks straight out of a movie or a haunted tale.

For those who want to channel their inner pirate, we offer an impressive selection of pirate swords, cutlasses, and daggers. With their shiny blades and intricate designs, these weapons will make you feel like a true buccaneer ready to set sail on the high seas. Pair them with a pirate costume, a bandana, and a parrot on your shoulder, and you'll be ready to plunder all the Halloween candy!

If you prefer to unleash your inner ninja, our assortment of ninja swords and throwing stars will help you achieve the stealthy and mysterious look you desire. These weapons are perfect for completing your ninja costume and adding an air of danger to your ensemble. Just be careful not to startle anyone in the shadows!

For those who want to embrace their warrior spirit, we have an array of medieval-inspired weapons, including swords, shields, and battle axes. These weapons are perfect for knights, warriors, and Viking costumes. With their rugged and battle-worn appearance, they will make you look like a true warrior ready to defend your kingdom from any lurking Halloween monsters.

Safety is our top priority, so rest assured that all of our Costume Weapons are made from safe and durable materials. They are designed to be lightweight and easy to handle, ensuring that you can wield your weapon with confidence throughout the night. However, please remember that these weapons are intended for costume use only and should never be used as real weapons.

So, whether you're looking to complete your pirate crew, master the art of stealth as a ninja, or become a fearless warrior, our Costume Weapons category has everything you need to make your Halloween costume truly unforgettable. Browse through our selection and arm yourself with the perfect weapon to conquer the night!