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Halloween Costumes for Teens

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Get ready for a spook-tacular Halloween with our Teen Costumes! From creepy creatures to classic characters, our collection has something for every teenager's style. Whether you're looking to haunt the night as a vampire or transform into a superhero, our costumes will make you the life of the Halloween party. Shop now and make this Halloween one to remember!
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1 - 60 of 693
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Child Mouse Costume
Sale - 13% Made By Us
Teen Full Moon Sass Werewolf Costume
Sale - 13%
Kids Living Dead Zombie Costume
Sale - 13%
Tween Miss Reaper Costume-update1
Sale - 14%
Teen Witch Guard Costume cc
Made By Us
Cruella Tween Red Dress Costume
Sale - 30%
Teen White Rabbit Costume Update 1
Made By Us
Teen Deluxe Gangster Costume-update1
Made By Us
Tween Katniss Catching Fire Costume
Sale - 33%
Yu-Gi-Oh: YuGi Boy's Costume update
Sale - 33% Made By Us
Tween Werewolf Costume
Tween Neon Leopard Costume
Sale - 25%
Teen Wonderland Cat Costume Update Main Update 1
Made By Us
Teen Warrior Knight Costume
Made By Us
Tween Arts Academy Witch Costume
Sale - 50%
Teen Captain Hook Costume
Made By Us
Girls Red 50's Sweetheart Costume
Sale - 14%
Teen Realistic Pirate Costume
Made By Us
Teen Sailor Costume upd
Made By Us
Adult Classic Arrow Costume
Sale - 25%
Products 1 - 60 of 693

Welcome to our Teen Costumes category, where you'll find an awesome selection of Halloween costumes specially designed for teens. We know that being a teenager means wanting to stand out from the crowd and express your unique personality, and that's exactly what our collection of teen costumes allows you to do.

Whether you're looking for a classic character costume, a spooky ensemble, or a trendy pop culture outfit, we've got you covered. Our Teen Costumes category features a wide range of options that cater to all interests and styles. From superheroes and villains to zombies and witches, we have something for everyone.

If you're a fan of the supernatural, check out our vampire and werewolf costumes. Transform into a creature of the night and embrace your dark side. Or perhaps you're more inclined towards the magical world of wizards and witches. Our collection of enchanting costumes will transport you to a world of spells and sorcery.

For those who love all things retro, we offer a variety of 80s and 90s themed costumes. Get ready to party like it's 1999 or rock out in neon colors and leg warmers. These throwback costumes will make you the life of any Halloween bash.

If you're a fan of movies and TV shows, our Teen Costumes category has plenty of options inspired by your favorite characters. Become a superhero like Spider-Man or Wonder Woman and save the day. Or channel your inner villain with costumes inspired by Harley Quinn or Darth Vader. The possibilities are endless.

We understand that Halloween is not just about scaring people, but also about having fun and being creative. That's why we offer a variety of funny and quirky costumes that are sure to make everyone laugh. From food-themed outfits to punny ensembles, you'll find the perfect costume to showcase your sense of humor.

At, we believe that Halloween is a time to let your imagination run wild and embrace your individuality. That's why we offer a diverse range of costumes that allow you to express yourself and stand out from the crowd. So start browsing our collection and get ready to make a statement this Halloween.

Remember, these costumes are specifically designed for teenagers, so you can be sure that they will fit you perfectly and make you look amazing. Don't settle for a costume that doesn't reflect your unique style. Choose one of our teen costumes and become the life of the Halloween party.