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Get spooky with our Slimer Halloween Ideas! From ghostly decorations to slime-filled treats, we have everything you need to make your Halloween hauntingly fun. Discover eerie costumes, creepy party supplies, and wickedly delightful crafts. Let your imagination run wild and embrace the spirit of Halloween with our Slimer-inspired collection. Shop now and make this Halloween a spooktacular one!
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Ghostbusters Kids Slimer Costume main2
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Ghostbusters Slimer Costume for Adults main
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Ghostbusters Toddler Slimer Costume
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Ghostbusters Slimer Trick-or-Treat Tote
Sale - 38% Made By Us
Slimer Fuzzy Cap UPD
Sale - 35% Made By Us
Kids Ghostbusters Slimer Hoodie Costume
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Slimer Jawesome Hat
Sale - 40% Made By Us
Ghostbusters Slimer Plush Headband
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Slimer Costume Companion Bag
Sale - 20% Made By Us
Slimer Sprazy Toy Hat
Sale - 33% Made By Us
Infant's Ghostbusters Slimer Bubble Costume
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Slimer Baby Carrier Cover
Sale - 17% Made By Us
Slimer Headpiece Upd
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Get ready to slimed out this Halloween with our Slimer Halloween Ideas! Whether you're a fan of the classic Ghostbusters franchise or just love the mischievous and slimy character, we have everything you need to bring Slimer to life.

Step into the shoes of this iconic green ghost with our wide range of Slimer costumes. From full-body jumpsuits to inflatable costumes that give you that larger-than-life Slimer look, you'll be the life of the party. Complete your ensemble with our selection of Slimer masks and accessories, including green gloves and ghostly props. You'll be sure to turn heads and evoke nostalgia wherever you go.

Looking to add a touch of Slimer to your home decor? We've got you covered! Check out our collection of Slimer-themed decorations and party supplies. From spooky Slimer banners and tablecloths to Slimer-themed plates and cups, your Halloween party will be a slimetastic affair. Don't forget to grab some Slimer balloons to add an extra fun element to your celebration.

If you're feeling crafty, we have DIY Slimer costume kits that allow you to create your own unique Slimer look. Get creative with green face paint, slime-inspired accessories, and ghostly props. With our DIY kits, you can customize your costume to fit your personal style and stand out from the crowd.

Want to take your Slimer obsession to the next level? Explore our collection of Slimer collectibles and merchandise. From Funko Pop! figures to Slimer-themed t-shirts and mugs, you can show off your love for this iconic ghost all year round. These items also make great gifts for fellow Ghostbusters fans.

Whether you're dressing up as Slimer for Halloween or simply want to incorporate this lovable ghost into your spooky festivities, our Slimer Halloween Ideas category has everything you need. Get ready for a slimy and unforgettable Halloween experience. Shop now and let the sliming begin!