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Teen Girls Halloween Costumes

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Discover a bewitching collection of Teen Girls Halloween Costumes that will make this spooky season unforgettable. From classic witches to enchanting fairies, our selection offers endless options for your frightful festivities. Unleash your inner Halloween spirit and find the perfect costume to make heads turn.
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Tween Miss Reaper Costume-update1
Sale - 29%
Child Mouse Costume
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Stranger Things Tween Classic Hawkins S4 Tigers Cheerleader
Sale - 38%
Cruella Tween Red Dress Costume
Sale - 40%
Tween Werewolf Costume
Sale - 14%
Wonder Woman Teen Costume
Sale - 18%
101 Dalmatians (Animated) Tween Cruella Costume
Sale - 14%
Tween Sally Costume
Tween Belle Blue Dress-2
Sale - 11%
Teen Warrior Knight Costume
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Teen Wonderland Cat Costume Update Main Update 1
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Tween Neon Leopard Costume
Sale - 50%
Teen Gorilla Costume
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Tween Catwoman Costume
Out of Stock
Tween Girls Mario Costume
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Wizard of Oz Teen Dorothy Costume Update
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Tween Miss Scissorhands Costume
Out of Stock
Scary Tree Child Costume
Out of Stock
Tween Luigi Skirt Costume
Out of Stock
Tweens Yoshi Skirt Costume
Out of Stock
Jolly Rancher Tween Apple Jolly Rancher Costume
Out of Stock
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Welcome to our Teen Girls Halloween Costumes page, where spooky style and teenage flair collide! We've curated an exciting collection of costumes that are perfect for teenage girls looking to make a statement this Halloween. Whether you're into classic characters, trendy themes, or unique ensembles, we've got you covered.

Get ready to unleash your inner witch with our bewitching selection of witch costumes. From traditional black dresses to modern twists with colorful accents, our witch costumes are sure to cast a spell on everyone at the Halloween party. Complete your look with a pointy hat, a broomstick, and a touch of enchanting makeup.

For those who prefer a touch of royalty, our princess costumes will make you feel like the belle of the ball. Channel your favorite Disney princess or create your own fairytale character with our wide range of dresses, accessories, and tiaras fit for a teenage queen. Get ready to dazzle and rule the Halloween kingdom!

Looking to add some fright to your night? Our zombie costumes are the perfect choice. Embrace the undead with torn clothes, gory makeup, and a hauntingly realistic zombie mask. Whether you want to be a zombie cheerleader or a zombie prom queen, these costumes will give you that eerie edge you're looking for.

If you're a fan of pop culture, our TV and movie-inspired costumes will bring your favorite characters to life. From superheroes to iconic movie characters, you can become the star of your own Halloween blockbuster. Transform into a powerful superhero or embrace the dark side as a villain - the choice is yours!

For those who love the mystical and magical, our unicorn and mermaid costumes will transport you to a world of fantasy. With pastel colors, glittery details, and whimsical accessories, you'll be the most enchanting creature at any Halloween gathering. Embrace your inner unicorn or dive into the depths as a mesmerizing mermaid.

No matter what your Halloween style may be, our Teen Girls Halloween Costumes collection is designed to let your personality shine. We believe that Halloween is a time for self-expression and having fun, so don't hold back! Mix and match, get creative, and let your imagination run wild.

Browse through our selection and find the perfect costume that will make heads turn and jaws drop. With our high-quality materials and attention to detail, you can trust that your costume will not only look amazing but also withstand the night's adventures.

Get ready to make this Halloween one to remember with our Teen Girls Halloween Costumes. Happy haunting and happy shopping!