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Baby Boy Halloween Costumes

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Dress up your little one in the cutest Baby Boy Halloween Costumes! From adorable superheroes to spooky monsters, our collection has it all. Explore our wide range of costumes that are comfortable and safe for your baby. Get ready to capture unforgettable Halloween memories with our charming outfits.
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1 - 60 of 607
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Infant Thing 1 and 2 Costume
Made By Us
Toddler Santa Costume
Sale - 50% Made By Us
Christmas Elf Infant Costume
Made By Us
Infant The Grinch Santa Costume
Made By Us
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Infant The Grinch Max Costume
Made By Us
Infant Reversible Magic Cat Dog Costume
Clearance  - 82%
Dr Seuss Infant Red Fish Costume
Sale - 50% Made By Us
Dopey Deluxe Infant Costume
Sale - 17%
Toddler Gray Suit Costume-update1
Made By Us
Infant Baby Deer
Sale - 29% Made By Us
Stitch Baby Carrier Cover
Sale - 38% Made By Us
Baby Mouse Infant Costume
Made By Us
Infant Reindeer Plush Costume
Made By Us
Infant Dopey Dwarf Costume
Made By Us
Infant Hatching Pterodactyl Costume
Made By Us
Infant Orange Suit Costume
Made By Us
Infant Gingerbread Baby Costume
Sale - 33% Made By Us
Little Mermaid Live Action Infant Flounder Costume
Clearance  - 63%
Infant Pumpkin Chunkin Costume
Made By Us
Infant Baby Chick Costume
Sale - 33% Made By Us
Toddler Blue Tuxedo
Made By Us
Sonic the Hedgehog Romper
Sale - 14%
Infant Santa Costume-2
Sale - 29% Made By Us
Infant Toy Soldier Costume
Sale - 33% Made By Us
Toddler Bubble Bee Costume Update Main
Made By Us
Infant Flynn Rider Costume
Sale - 14% Made By Us
Toddler's Ringmaster Costume
Made By Us
Cozy Lion Costume for Infants
Sale - 25% Made By Us
Infant Charming Prince Costume
Sale - 13% Made By Us
Infant Little White Rabbit Costume
Made By Us
Infant Baby Lamb
Made By Us
Toddler and Infant Mega Man Costume
Sale - 50% Made By Us
Infant Macho Man Costume
Made By Us
Infant Deluxe Lion Costume
Made By Us
Infant Rock Lobster Costume
Made By Us
Products 1 - 60 of 607

Welcome to our Baby Boy Halloween Costumes collection, where enchanting and adorable outfits await your little ones! Let their imaginations run wild as they transform into their favorite characters and creatures for a spooktacular Halloween adventure.

Our carefully curated selection of baby boy costumes is designed to make your little one the star of the show. From cute and cuddly to fierce and ferocious, we have a wide range of costumes to suit every personality and preference.

Is your little guy a fan of superheroes? Explore our superhero costumes and watch as he becomes a mini crime-fighter, ready to save the day. Whether he dreams of being a courageous caped crusader or a web-slinging hero, we have the perfect costume to bring his superhero fantasies to life.

If your baby boy has a wild side, our animal costumes are sure to delight. From playful lions to mischievous monkeys, these costumes will make him the cutest critter at any Halloween gathering. Let him unleash his inner animal and show off his adorable roar.

For those who prefer classic Halloween characters, we have an array of spooky costumes that will send shivers down your spine. Dress him up as a pint-sized vampire, a tiny werewolf, or a mini mummy. These costumes are sure to make a hauntingly cute impression on everyone he meets.

Want to add a touch of whimsy to your little one's Halloween? Our fantasy costumes will transport him to a world of magic and make-believe. Let him become a brave knight, a mystical wizard, or a charming prince. These costumes are perfect for creating enchanting memories that will last a lifetime.

Safety is our top priority, so rest assured that all our baby boy costumes are made with high-quality materials and designed with comfort in mind. We understand that little ones need to move and play, even on Halloween night!

Browse our collection and discover the perfect baby boy Halloween costume that will make this holiday unforgettable. Whether he's attending his first costume party or going trick-or-treating for the first time, our costumes will make him the center of attention and create cherished memories for you and your family.

Shop now and let the Halloween magic begin!