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Get ready to turn heads this Halloween with our extensive collection of Pimp Accessories. From flashy chains to sparkling rings, our accessories will add the perfect touch of bling to your costume. Elevate your style and become the talk of the town with our pimp-tastic accessories.
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Purple Pimp Hat
Made By Us
Bachelors Pipe Costume Accessory
Made By Us
Gold Fish Pimp Shoes
Sale - 53%
Faux Cigarettes Prop
Made By Us
Bank Robber Money Bag Prop
Made By Us
Money Bag Purse
Made By Us
Gold Dollar Sign Purse
Made By Us
Pastease Gold Dollar Sign Glitter Pasties
Clearance  - 70%
Men's Zebra Pimp Shoe
Sale - 42%
Jumbo Cigar
Sale - 25%
Big Red Wig
Sale - 14%
Chrome Vampire Fangs
Sale - 33%
Gold Dollar Sign Pimp Ring
Out of Stock
Big Daddy Jewelry Set
Out of Stock
Dollar Sign Necklace
Out of Stock
Phoney Money
Out of Stock
Big Link Gold Chain Necklace
Out of Stock
Rhinestone Dollar Sign Earrings
Out of Stock
Solid Golden Teeth
Out of Stock
Black Cream Lipstick
Out of Stock
Gold Chain Link Bracelet
Out of Stock
Deluxe Dollar Sign Necklace
Out of Stock
Products 1 - 43 of 43

Welcome to our Pimp Accessories category, where you'll find everything you need to create the ultimate pimp costume and embrace your inner flashy and extravagant style. Step into the world of glamour, luxury, and bling with our wide selection of accessories that will transform you into the king of the party.

No pimp outfit is complete without a statement-making hat, and we have an array of extravagant options to choose from. Whether you prefer a classic fedora adorned with feathers and sequins or a larger-than-life pimp hat with a wide brim and a vibrant zebra print, we've got you covered. These attention-grabbing headpieces will instantly elevate your style and make you the center of attention wherever you go.

To truly embody the pimp persona, you'll need a pimp cane that exudes power and authority. Our collection features an assortment of canes with intricate designs, shiny metallic finishes, and even built-in LED lights for that extra touch of extravagance. With these stylish accessories in hand, you'll be ready to strut your stuff and command attention on the dance floor.

Complete your pimp ensemble with our selection of bling-bling jewelry. From oversized gold chains and chunky rings to flashy bracelets and dollar sign necklaces, our accessories will add that perfect touch of opulence to your costume. These eye-catching pieces will make you shine brighter than a disco ball and ensure that all eyes are on you throughout the night.

Don't forget to accessorize your footwear with our pimp-inspired shoes. Choose from platform shoes with bold animal prints, metallic finishes, or even light-up soles. These attention-grabbing shoes will not only add height but also make a statement with every step you take.

Lastly, our collection of pimp accessories wouldn't be complete without a variety of colorful and flamboyant feather boas. Wrap yourself in these luxurious accessories and instantly transform into the epitome of extravagance. Whether you opt for a traditional feather boa or one with a twist, like a zebra print or neon colors, these accessories will add that final touch of glamour to your pimp costume.

Embrace the spirit of Halloween and let your inner pimp shine with our selection of pimp accessories. With our wide range of hats, canes, jewelry, shoes, and feather boas, you'll have everything you need to create a show-stopping pimp costume that will turn heads and make a lasting impression. So get ready to own the night and party like a true pimp!

Shop now and explore our Pimp Accessories category to find the perfect pieces to complete your pimp costume.