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Get cozy and spooky with our plush collection this Halloween! From adorable plush Gremlins to cuddly witches, we have the perfect companions to add a touch of cuteness to Halloween's haunting festivities! Dive into the comforting hug of this plush selection and let the soft and lovable creatures bring a touch of magic to your Halloween decor, costumes, and more!
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Twisty Tails Snake-1
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Princess Bride Rodent of Unusual Size Plush
Sale - 20% Made By Us
Princess Bride ROUS Plush
Sale - 25% Made By Us
Hotel Translyvania Mavis Plush
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Twisty Tails Monkey-1
Made By Us
Phunny Groot Plush
Coming Soon
Arrow the Tiger Animal Plush-0
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Bowser 10" Plush Accessory
Coming Soon
Yoshi 11" Plush Accessory
Coming Soon
Ghost Face 8" Phunny Plush
Coming Soon
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Hey, cuddle enthusiasts and Halloween lovers! Ready to snuggle with a twist? From the world's most charming monsters to classic film icons, our plush toys collection brings the spooky and the snuggly together, creating a hauntingly huggable experience.

As October's magic swirls in the air, why not have a plush Halloween costume companion by your side? Whether you're casting spells as a witch, lurking in the shadows as a vampire, or bravely fighting ghouls, these plush pals are here to amplify your festive mood. Not dressing up? They're perfect for setting the mood for a spooky movie marathon or elevating your decorating game.

Unbox the nostalgia with our Gremlin stuffed animals. And if you're feeling brave, bring home a Gizmo plushie. But remember, no water after midnight! These licensed plush toys will take you right back to your favorite cinematic moments, ensuring that those eerie scenes are never too far away.

Quidditch lovers, rejoice! Our stuffed Flying Snitch figure is here to make your magical dreams come true. Just keep an eye out for sneaky Seekers trying to catch your new treasured plushie.

A dose of rainbow-colored comfort amidst the gloom, our Care Bears stuffed toys are on a mission to bring cheer and perhaps a 'Care Bear Stare' your way this Halloween.

Are you ready to sing "I Put a Spell on You"? Dive into a cauldron of whimsy with our Hocus Pocus plushies. From the enchanting Sanderson Sister plush toy set featuring the trio of witches, plush Winifred, Sarah Sanderson plush figure, and Mary Sanderson plushie are all set to ensure the magic never stops.

Our Good Guys plush doll brings horror home in the most endearing way. But, be warned, though they may seem soft and innocent, their backstory is as chilling as any ghost story. And for an exclusive monstrous treat, check out our Hotel Transylvania plush toys. They promise to keep the screams, ahem, we mean, giggles going all night long.

Whether you're a fan of plush figures with a horror twist or just love to snuggle with a unique stuffed toy, our collection is a one-stop haven. Turn your ordinary Halloween into an extraordinary plush-packed festivity. Dive into the world of plushies where every day is a cuddly yet creepy adventure!

Happy haunting and hugging, folks!