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Old Man Accessories

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Complete your old man costume with our wide range of Old Man Accessories. From walking canes to suspenders, we have everything you need to perfect your elderly look. Shop now and embrace the wisdom and style of the elderly.
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Walking Cane Accessory
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Deluxe Black Glasses
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Auntie Mask
Sale - 25%
Toddler Walking Stick
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Adult Geezer Nose Glasses
Sale - 38% Made By Us
Long Grey Beard and Mustache
Sale - 20%
Gramps Costume Eyebrows
Sale - 14%
Kids Gray Bob Wig
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Bright White Bob Wig
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Womens Light Gray Bob Wig
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Little Grandpa Kit
Clearance  - 70%
Inflatable Walker Accessory
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Carl Glasses
Made By Us
Carl Latex Mask
Sale - 25% Made By Us
Adult Dark Bald Cap
Coming Soon
Supersoft DOA Mask
Out of Stock
Stan the Man Mask
Video Out of Stock
Old Lady Mask
Out of Stock
Yo Momma Wig
Out of Stock
Old Man Mask
Video Out of Stock
Old Woman Mask
Video Out of Stock
Hair in Curlers Wig
Out of Stock
Deluxe Gentlemens Pipe
Out of Stock
Moustache Card
Out of Stock
Old Age Kit
Out of Stock
Halloween Grandpappy Adult Costume Mask UPD
Out of Stock
Products 1 - 36 of 36

Welcome to our Old Man Accessories category! Whether you're looking to transform into a wise old sage, a grumpy grandpa, or a mischievous old timer, we have the perfect accessories to complete your Halloween costume. Get ready to take a trip down memory lane and embrace your inner senior citizen with our wide selection of old man accessories.

Step into the shoes of an elderly gentleman with our assortment of walking canes and walking sticks. These accessories not only add an authentic touch to your costume but also provide you with the perfect prop to lean on as you navigate the Halloween festivities. Choose from classic wooden canes, stylish silver-handled walking sticks, or even novelty canes with unique designs that are sure to make a statement.

No old man costume is complete without a distinguished gray wig or bald cap to give you that aged look. Our collection includes a variety of styles, from short and curly to long and wavy, allowing you to find the perfect match for your character. Pair your wig with a set of bushy gray eyebrows or a realistic latex bald cap to truly transform into a senior citizen.

Don't forget to accessorize with our selection of old man glasses. Whether you prefer the classic round spectacles or the trendy square frames, these glasses add an instant touch of wisdom to your costume. Choose from clear lenses for a scholarly look or tinted lenses for a mischievous twist. And if you really want to stand out, opt for our oversized novelty glasses that are sure to make everyone smile.

Complete your old man ensemble with our assortment of costume jewelry and accessories. Add a touch of class with a pocket watch or a gold chain necklace. Enhance your costume with a set of dentures for a toothless grin or a pipe to give you that distinguished air. And don't forget to browse our collection of hats, from classic bowler hats to cozy knit caps, to top off your look.

So, whether you're planning to become a wise old wizard, a grumpy retiree, or a lovable grandpa, our Old Man Accessories category has everything you need to bring your Halloween costume to life. With our wide selection of walking canes, wigs, glasses, and more, you'll have no trouble achieving that perfect old man look. Get ready to embrace your inner senior citizen and make this Halloween a truly memorable one.