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Gladiator Accessories

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Complete your Halloween warrior look with our unbeatable selection of Gladiator Accessories. From fierce helmets to sturdy shields, we have everything you need to conquer the night. Arm yourself with style and authenticity, as our accessories are designed to bring out the fierce warrior within you. Shop now and unleash your inner gladiator!
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20" Gladiator Shield W/ 29" Sword
Made By Us Exclusive
Gladiator Costume Helmet
Made By Us Exclusive
Adult Spartan Helmet
Made By Us Exclusive
Gladiator General Maximus Helmet
Made By Us Exclusive
Kids Gladiator Mask and Sword
Out of Stock
Men's Studded Gladiator Cuffs
Out of Stock
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Welcome to our Gladiator Accessories category, where you'll find everything you need to transform into a fierce warrior for this Halloween season. Get ready to conquer the night with our wide selection of gladiator-themed accessories that will make your costume stand out from the crowd.

Step into the arena with confidence by adorning yourself with our authentic gladiator armor. From chest plates to shoulder guards, our high-quality pieces will make you feel invincible as you channel the strength and power of these ancient warriors. Made with attention to detail and durability, our armor will ensure that you're ready for any battle that comes your way.

To complete your gladiator look, we offer a variety of weapons that will make you feel like a true warrior. Choose from a range of swords, shields, and spears to enhance your costume and intimidate your opponents. With our realistic and intricately designed weapons, you'll feel like you've stepped right out of a gladiator arena.

But it's not just about the armor and weapons. It's the little details that truly bring a costume to life. Explore our collection of gladiator accessories, including leather wrist cuffs, Roman sandals, and golden laurel wreaths. These small additions will add an extra layer of authenticity to your costume and make you feel like a true gladiator.

Whether you're attending a Halloween party, participating in a costume contest, or simply want to embrace the spirit of the season, our Gladiator Accessories category has everything you need to create an unforgettable look. Stand tall, exude strength, and command attention as you become the ultimate gladiator.

Don't settle for a generic costume this Halloween. With our Gladiator Accessories, you can transport yourself to ancient Rome and become a legendary warrior. Browse our collection now and unleash your inner gladiator. Remember, the battle awaits, and it's time to conquer the Halloween night!