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German Costumes

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Get ready to celebrate Halloween in style with our German Costumes collection! Embrace the rich cultural heritage of Germany and dress up as a Bavarian beauty or a dashing Oktoberfest gent. From traditional dirndls to lederhosen, our authentic costumes will transport you to the heart of Oktoberfest. Shop now and make this Halloween a truly memorable one!
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Women's Olga Oktoberfest Costume update2
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Boys German Lederhosen Costume Update Main
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Oktoberfest Pet Costume
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Girl's Storybook Gretal Costume
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Men's Oktoberfest Stud Costume
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Boy's Hansel Costume
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Women's Plus Lucky Beer Girl Costume
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Child Gretel Costume
Girls Red Peasant Dress1
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Child Lederhosen Costume Update Main
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Toddler Lederhosen Boy Costume
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Womens Sexy Plus Size Flirty Fraulein Costume
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Edelweiss Lederhosen Adult Costume
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Child German Girl Costume
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Womens Lederhosen Honey Costume
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Toddler German Girl Costume
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Adult Lederhosen Costume Update Main
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Women's Flirty Fraulein Costume
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Women's Plus Olga Oktoberfest Costume cc
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Beer Mug Purse
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German Beer Girl Wig Update Main
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Women's Bavarian Girl Wig
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Swiss Alps Girl Costume
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Men's Alpine Lederhosen Costume
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German Octobeerfest T-Shirt
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White Tulle Petticoat
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Mens Green Deluxe German Hat
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Plus Size White Tulle Petticoat
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Blonde Braided Wig
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German Alpine Grey Hat
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Welcome to our German Costumes category! Get ready to immerse yourself in the rich cultural heritage of Germany this Halloween. Whether you're attending a costume party, participating in a parade, or simply want to showcase your love for German traditions, we have the perfect costumes for you.

Step into the shoes of a traditional Bavarian with our authentic lederhosen costumes. These iconic outfits feature the classic knee-length leather shorts, suspenders, and intricate embroidery. Pair them with a plaid shirt and knee-high socks for a complete look that will transport you straight to Oktoberfest.

For the ladies, we offer a wide selection of dirndl costumes. These traditional Bavarian dresses are known for their flattering silhouette and intricate details. With their corset-style bodices, full skirts, and aprons, dirndls exude charm and elegance. Complete your ensemble with a cute hat or headband, and you'll be the belle of the ball.

If you're looking for something a little more whimsical, our German beer girl costumes are a fantastic choice. These playful outfits feature short, flirty dresses with puffed sleeves and lace-up bodices. With their vibrant colors and fun accessories like beer stein purses or pretzel necklaces, you'll be ready to celebrate in style.

Don't forget about the little ones! We have an adorable selection of German costumes for kids, so the whole family can join in on the fun. From mini lederhosen for boys to cute dirndl dresses for girls, these pint-sized outfits will make your little ones the center of attention at any Halloween gathering.

In addition to our traditional German costumes, we also offer a variety of accessories to enhance your look. Choose from a range of hats, wigs, socks, and shoes to add those finishing touches that will make your costume truly stand out.

Whether you're celebrating German heritage, paying homage to Oktoberfest, or simply embracing the Halloween spirit, our German Costumes category has everything you need. So, grab your favorite beer, put on your dancing shoes, and get ready to have a wunderbar time this Halloween. Prost!