I Broke Into The Old House!

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I Broke Into The Old House!

Post by Ghostwriter1983 » Tue Nov 13, 2012 7:07 pm

I Broke Into The Old House

I had cased the old house for a week. It was a two story Victorian house with a Jaguar with tinted glass parked in the open garage. Though the house was run down looking, surely whoever owned such a fine car had to have furs, jewelr, and much more. I chose tonight to break in so I watched the house all day hoping to see the owner's leave. Just before sunset I saw a 70's GMC truck pull up and park.

Two men got out, looked nervously around and walked up to the front door. They didn’t knock. Instead to my disbelief I watched one of them, the tall red headed man, jimmy the door with a pry bar until it opened and they stepped inside. I just sat there in my van with my mouth dropped open. What nerve. Someone else had been casing the same house. Worse, they were in there right now taking all the valuables.

In a few moments both men came out, got into their truck and drove away. The peculiar thing was that they didn't leave with anything. I saw them carry a bag inside and that's all they came out with. I refused to believe that they searched and found nothing of value. Obviously the owners weren't home. They must have had a second car. Frustrated, I grabbed my tool bag and headed for the house to see for myself.

In a couple of minutes I was at the front door. I took my flashlight out, looked cautiously at nearby houses and the sidewalk to see if anyone was watching but saw no one. As I closed the door behind me I could smell a damp musty smell in the air. It was a sparsely furnished home. The only other thing I noticed was the paintings on the walls. They were old, very old.

Perhaps they were valuable. I had never seen anything like them before. The paintings looked like they came from a museum. Then my flashlight caught the glint of red drops on the carpet, leading upstairs. Perhaps one of the men I saw come in had cut themselves. Then I felt a chill run up and down my spine. Maybe it wasn't their blood at all. Maybe they were discovered by the owner and they killed him.

Maybe the blood trail didn't lead upstairs but instead led down the stairs. Slowly and quietly I crept upstairs. The closer I got to the second floor, the more I smelled a horrible stench. It smelled like something had been dead and rotting a long time. There were four doors seen, two on my left and two on my right as I reached the top of the stairs.

The door on my right was partially open so I went to that door first. I gave the door a little nudge and what I saw with my flashlight made me frozen in my tracks. I saw a coffin in the center of the empty bedroom. I also saw the body of a beautiful woman, totally nude. She was leaning half way up with a wooden stake thrust in her chest. There was a pool of blood on the floor below her. Her head was hanging down and suddenly she raised her head and looked into my eyes.

I nearly jumped out of my skin as she spoke to me with a weak, pleading tone. "Please help me, please. Pull this stake out, you must. I don't want to die!" I dropped my flashlight and it rolled toward her. As I walked over and kneeled over to pick up the flashlight, I felt her hand touch my shoulder. I looked up and as the light shone on her face, she whispered to me. "If you pull out this stake, I promise you'll live for all eternity."

I gently lay her body back into the casket. I sat down the flashlight and placed both hands on the stake and pulled hard. As the stake came out, she cried out in pain, but it was more like relief as both her hands held my left hand. She kissed my hand and told me that the two men who entered the house before me had been hunting her for months because she was a vampire. She waited and studied my face, waiting for a response but I was silent.

"I'm so weak, I must rest." was all she said. To her surprise I looked down into her eyes and turned my wrist to her lips. “Go ahead, it's ok, I can't leave you to die." I said. Her eyes held softness and a smile as I watched tears flow from her eyes. "You realize that if I drink of your blood, there will be no going back for you?" she said. I nodded and replied, "All I ask is that you let me stay by your side for eternity."

I felt her pull my wrist closer to her lips and then I felt her fangs as they found my veins. Anxiously she fed and I gripped the side of her casket feeling my knees weaken until she finished. I bandaged her chest as best I could as she closed her eyes and I fell to my knees as I looked at the two punctures on my wrist as my blood dripped.

I felt odd. Something was flowing through my veins and then through my body as I became sleepy and lay down on the floor. I knew that soon, very soon, daylight would never be seen again because to be caught in the daylight would mean my death.

©2003 Raymond Cook (All rights reserved)

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