GLOW IN THE DARK FX iGlow Self Illuminating Hairgel !

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GLOW IN THE DARK FX iGlow Self Illuminating Hairgel !

Post by mega glow » Thu Sep 12, 2013 1:08 am

iGlow Self Illuminating Hairgel is super new product ideal for special FX at Halloween haunt party festival events. A Stunning Glow in the Dark product from Mega Glow USA iGlow literally Glows in Total Darkness for hours. iGlow is Safe and FDA approved. Our product coats the hair with temporary Glow in the dark color. Washes out after use. Available in 6 vibrant colors: Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange, White, Hot Pink. This unique (there is no other product on the global market like iglow) eye catching product will bring attention to any event.. Use for application on actors at haunts, theme parties, nightclubs, raves, concerts, or just go trick or treat in total darkness.. you will get noticed ! Whilst iGlow is a hair product.. you can apply it to disposable items that will be discarded after use.. temporary props etc.. made of wood, plastic, metal, glass etc.. This can create a great glow effect inside a haunt for example or woods, outdoor areas.. As iGlow creates its own light in total darkness and/or shadow areas in low lit rooms.. it will create a surrealistic effect on actors hair and temp props etc to make your event really cool and spooky... what better than an actor in a hidden reveal who jumps out at visitors with Spooky Green Glowing hair ! Enhance your zombie walk, vampire cave, ghostly characters with iGlow. For home use, iGlow is a great novelty item for trick or treat or Halloween night party events. For more information please visit Mega Glow are sole owners and manufacturers of iGlow (tm) worldwide. Have a great Halloween!
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Re: GLOW IN THE DARK FX iGlow Self Illuminating Hairgel !

Post by Murfreesboro » Thu Sep 12, 2013 10:25 am

That's pretty impressive!

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