She Awaits Her Ghostly Lover!

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She Awaits Her Ghostly Lover!

Post by Ghostwriter1983 » Tue Mar 05, 2013 3:25 pm

She Awaits Her Ghostly Lover!

It's been so long since someone's held me I'd forgotten what shivers felt like as your warm lips teased my neck. My arms pulled you closer, so much closer, so close I could feel your heart beating against mine. As our lips touched I felt electricity, oh my God! I want more I told myself. I want it all. I want to feel alive again. I wanted to feel needed, wanted and craved in all the ways that makes love as magical as romance novels I read.

I don’t know how you entered this world or how you searched and found my loneliness, but from the moment you shared my bed I wasn’t afraid. More importantly, I have never told even my best friend about my secret lover who comes to me in my dreams. Cathy would never believe me but I know you are as real as a human man. A woman’s body knows when she’s been made love too.

You took my breath away from the moment we touched and the moment we kissed. As I moaned, you whispered it was okay. I’ve never felt such peacefulness within my soul. In that split second it seemed to last forever. I told myself I was so damned lucky. I was nervous, shy, insecure and oh yes, tongue tied. My beauty has always intimidated men and they felt I would never consider them as anything but a regular guy.

If I did want to take a chance on someone, I worried about what to say, when to say it and worried that all the words would come out wrong. But In my dreams I did take that chance, that risk and in time you made me laugh and discover that it wasn't a risk at all for either of us. In a world held tight by misconceptions and lies, of false promises and tears that have stained my pillow more than my fair share, there was also hope.

Hope that I would be accepted with all my imperfections, weaknesses and opinions that at times differed from yours. But in the midst of doubt, you didn't give up on me. You saw I hope, a diamond in the rough, simply in need of polishing yet overlooked by so many. As your lips traveled across my body exploring, you delighted me to the end of all that I have dreamed. You’re love, laughter, patience, happiness and trust.

You are the one I give my heart and soul too. The ceiling became the fourth of July above our bed as you took my breath away. I clinged to you as if all my tomorrows depended on it and within your eyes you made me melt. I truly felt you believed I was the one for you. How silly I felt back looking back to the first day you entered my dreams. I looked into your eyes and saw your smile.

A smile of kindness and innocence. You had to feel that same insecurity. You had to realize from just one glance that it was not chance or luck, but destiny. At this moment, I’m no longer earthbound. I‘m free. Free to travel to the moon, free to touch the stars, safe within your arms. There’s no greater high then to be held, cuddled, kissed and caressed and hear the words, "I love you with all my heart."

Love though is never as powerfully spoken then as when two feel it in heart, body mind and soul. Time stopped for us as I just lay there, gazing into love swept eyes. Eyes that danced like diamonds caught in the rays of sunshine. For as long I dared to dream that what others held onto so tight, what they treasured in the coolness of the day and in the heat of passion would forever be mine.

The moment when the joy of making love makes loneliness retreat into the darkness. There are no words right now I whispered to you that can explain what you have given to me, making me feel complete. All you did was smile for no words were needed to be spoken. With just your finger tip tracing a path to your favorite places, you sent goose bumps and tingles clear to my soul as I moaned and you whispered with a smile, “shhhhhhh!”

Yet at that moment to my shock I saw sadness in your eyes and a tear drop form and roll down your cheek. I caught your tear with my finger and asked, “What I‘d done wrong to cause you to cry?” You looked at me, giving me the best smile you could and simply said, "You will soon awaken my love and with the morning’s sun brightening this room, I will fade retreat till you fall asleep again.”

By now I cried too and shook my head, holding onto you tighter than all the other night's you shared my sweetest dreams. "You can't leave, you mustn't! Please don't leave, I will die, I know I will! I don't want the loneliness back; take me with you, please. I’ll hide me from the sun!" I begged. You sadly shook your head and just before I awakened from my dream you whispered, "I will never leave you my darling.

In slumber we’ll meet again and I promise I will never leave your side. My love will make the sadness of feeling alone and unloved beyond all I have shared with you in your dreams." the ghostly spirit said. You shared that last twilight breathless kiss that made me hold you so close I felt this time, you'd take me with you as your tears and my tears merged as one.

That was the moment you were gone. Gone till my next dream as the first morning rays of sunshine awakened me from my slumber and I heard myself begin to sigh.

© 2005 Raymond Cook (All rights reserved)

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