How Many Audiophiles Here???

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How Many Audiophiles Here???

Post by Pumpkin_Head » Sun Jun 02, 2019 4:14 pm

I was discussing vinyl recordings in another forum, and thought it would be a good idea to post to the 'off topic,' as I do like to discuss it with others from time to time. It gives me some great ideas.

Anyway, I am presently on a major vinyl kick, and am rediscovering my love of the sound of a quality phonograph record. I recently purchased a Music Hall mmf-1.5, that really brings my old and newer records to life. I can even play 78 rpm records on it as well. What I really want to do in the future is get a really good quality reel to reel tape deck so I can make compilations.

I have a Heath and Alen sound board with 48 volt phantom power for microphone level output devices. I run that into a Cerwin Vega CV5000, hooked up to a pair of JBL PRX 400 speakers with dual 15 inch woofers. I also use my audio system for movies and when I can get a long enough cable, I will be able to use it for on-line music and movies as well. BUT, when it comes to music, I search for it on vinyl. Even modern performers I like, such as Lady Gaga, Pink or Panic at the Disco, sound better on vinyl.

At any rate, I would love to hear everyone else's audio or visual interests. I might get some good ideas from it.


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