Anyone seen a ghost before?

Discuss/post ghost stories etc!

Ever had a ghostly experience?

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Re: Anyone seen a ghost before?

Post by Castle » Sun Sep 04, 2011 10:52 pm

I grew up in a Christian private school in the basement of a church. We had classes in adjacent buildings, but the bulk of our schooling was done under the church. We had chapel one day and I sat in the back as usual. I didn't care much for the sermons, I didn't hate em either, but I always fell asleep by the end (plus school ended right after, so my attention span was pretty spent by then). The one sermon was different. I happened to look up at the principal (who was also the pastor of the church) and noticed some weird... stuff. He had what looked like an outline of Jesus on the cross behind him, but nothing was there. I rubbed my eyes, thinking it was just because I was tired, but I looked again and saw what looked like an outline of an eagle behind him. I told my mom about it when she picked me up from school, and she immediately called the pastor to set up an appointment with him. I went the next day after school to talk with him one on one, and I told him what I saw. He asked me if I had seen anything strange like that before, and I said I thought I had seen ghosts when I was a kid. I used to stay at my grandma's house when my mom worked late, and I saw the dolls on the shelves moving. My grandma came in to my room one time and said I was talking to someone, but no one was there (I don't remember that part, honestly). The pastor wrote down what I said, much like a psychiatrist. He stared at it for a while until he lifted his head and said "I think you've been blessed with a gift not many of us have. I think you're a 'seer'."

So I'm a seer, apparently. That would explain why I see weird sh!t all the time, but I don't hold much stock in that. Why would God give me that gift, and what would I do with it? I think I just happen to be at the right place at the right time.
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Re: Anyone seen a ghost before?

Post by Pumpkin56 » Tue Sep 13, 2011 2:28 pm

I've never seen one before and most ghost stories don't hold a lot of weight with me because I'm one of those that has to actually see it to believe it. However, I've seen odd things that have made me wonder, mostly from pets.

I used to have a ferret that was really just a calm little thing, but for whatever reason, if she was wandering around the house (this was my parents house), she would always stop in the same spot in the hallway and stare at the same spot on the wall and then just spaz out. Just bounce all over the place and bark like she had gone mad. It was weird for her because, like I said, she was always so calm and laid back.

Also in my parents house, while my sister was away in college, nobody really went into her bedroom, mainly bc nobody had any reason to, so naturally, things got a little dusty in there. When she came back, she immediately noticed the dust on her tv screen was unsettled-like someone had touched it or drawn stuff in the dust. Only they werent really drawings as much as it just looked like someone had run their fingers through the dust layer. She has always said she has a ghost in her bedroom and I've always laughed that off, but even I found what was on the tv screen a little bothersome.

Additionally, when my sister brings her puppy to my parents house (okay, obviously that place is haunted haha) she has a tendency to just suddenly start barking at random spots on the wall. Always reminds me of the dog in Poltergeist. It's not all the time, it just seems to be when she appears to see something or when something startles her--even though we don't see anything at all.

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