Favorite Thanksgiving Memory or Tradition

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Re: Favorite Thanksgiving Memory or Tradition

Post by Pumpkin_Man » Tue Nov 20, 2012 10:34 am

I prefer it when there are 4 full weeks of Advent, but Thanksgiving weekend has allways been the "official" kick-off to the Christmas season, and I am going to put up some of my Christmas lights on the Friday after Thanksgiving. I will be putting the finishing touches on my Christmas cleaning tonight after work, and tomorrow the Christmas table cloths will go on both the kitchen and diningroom tables tomorrow.

Advent, however is a week from Sunday this year. I do like it better when Advent starts on the Sunday after Thanksgiving, because it gives that Christmas Season feeling a little "boost,"

Next year, Thanksgiving is going to be on the 28th. (and we thought it couldn't come any later then the 22nd) because the 28th is the 4th Thursday, and Advent will be the Sunday after. That will give us something to look forward to. That, AND, the 13th of December of 2013 is on a Friday, so we will also have "Little Halloween" in the midst of all our Christmas celebrating. Just think, the date will be December 13, 2013. 13 in 13. How Halloweeny can you get???


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Re: Favorite Thanksgiving Memory or Tradition

Post by MauEvig » Thu Oct 10, 2013 9:26 pm

I think the best tradition I can think of is having a relish tray. The relish tray usually consists of pickles, olives, pepperoni and crackers and other snacks. Of course the funny part is we'd fill up on those, and then be too full for the turkey dinner. XD

A little Halloween in December? That sounds like a good night to watch A Nightmare Before Christmas! It's a Halloween AND a Christmas movie. :D
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