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Re: Witchcraft?

Postby ramaries69 » Tue Nov 15, 2011 9:15 am

Murfreesboro wrote:I suppose there must not be very many Satanists, then, or we would be hearing more about them and their practices!

So on a sliding scale, Wiccans are "good" or "light," Witches might consider doing harm through their spells, and Satanists are downright criminal?

But it occurs to me that perhaps "human sacrifice" doesn't always mean killing a victim. Maybe Satanists can perform a human sacrifice by letting blood, not killing, for example?

Not so, Murf. It is in their best interest to remain low key because of their practices.
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Re: Witchcraft?

Postby Spookymufu » Tue Nov 15, 2011 2:45 pm

Jack Skellington wrote:
Spookymufu wrote:
Murfreesboro wrote:My understanding is that there are "dark" or "black" witches and good or light ones. Wiccans don't dabble in black magic, to my knowledge.

the lady I work with said she was the first in her family to take the oath not to harm anyone............what ever that means

It'll be great if she could give you information on her practices & the sort of things she does.

I'm sure if I expressed interest in it she would tell me all about it, but the only time I could discuss it with her is after I've clocked out on on the way out, and really, I'm just not that interested when I'm off the clock :)
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