Halloween Store Web Design For Sale

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Halloween Store Web Design For Sale

Postby Mourning_Manor » Sun Jan 15, 2012 8:35 am

We are looking to close our internet business as we move to a different direction with our haunted house and Halloween business. Therefore, we would like to take this opportunity to offer our web design to any one interested in starting their own Halloween business.

We are looking to sell the web design of our of Halloween website. Please note that the url or the company name of Mourning Nightmares is not for sale. But all of the content within the website is. We have spent many years developing the website and would like to pass this on to the next entrepreneur. All you have to do is think of your business name, and we will do the rest!

With the purchase of this site, we will offer 2 months of assistance in making sure you fully understand how to run your very own Halloween website/business. We will also assist in preparing the website for the 2012 season by helping load all of the new 2012 products. Typically, this begins around July/August.

Please review our website at http://www.mourningnightmares.com. Go through the pages and content contained within this website. We will sell the content of this website as is, out of the box and ready to go.

If interested, please contact us at sales@mourningnightmares.com. With the 2012 Halloween season quickly approaching, now is the time to take advantage!

Thank you for your time and Happy New Year!

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