The Banister

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The Banister

Postby Pumpkin_Man » Fri May 18, 2012 10:41 am

The Banister
By Pumpkin_Majn

Little Jacob Carlson loved to slide down banisters. He just couldn't resist them. At home, at school, at h is friends house, even at the museum he visited on a school field trip. Every time a stair case with a nice smooth banister presented itself, Jacob sould ride it right to the bottom. His parents and teachers were allways getting on his case about it. "Stop sliding down the banister" they would yell, but little Jacob just didn't listen to them.

One day, the school went on a field trip to the County Court House. IT was a huge 135 year old building, and the first thing that caught Jacob's eye was the huge staircase leading up to the traffic court, and the nice smooth, rounded banister. Being the way he was, he ran straight up to the top of the stairs, and road down the banister, much to the shigrin of two of his teachers a judge and a bailif. His parents had to pay a fine for Jacob's disruptive behaviour.

At school he was had to stay after and write "I will not slide down banisters any more" 500 times on the black board, and when he got home, his father finaly decided that more serious measures had to be taken so Jacob was spanked with the belt, and grounded for two weeks.

The two weeks came by, and Jacob was really good about not sliding down any more banisters. Then while walking home from school he saw an old abandoned house. It was quite huge, and temptation got the better of him. "Come on in" said a voice." Little Jacob looked around puzzled, but he entered the old house. There standing before him was an ugly little wigned demon, that gave him a start to look at. "How would you like to slide down the longes banister anywhere" asked the creature. A sly smile came to jacob's face. The demon jestered little Jacob to follow him. He opened a door. Through t hat door was a stair case with a very smooth banister that seemed to do down for ever. Not able to resist, Jacob jumped onto that banister and started to slide, only insteadd of the fun sensation he was use to, he felt escruciating sharp pain in his post terior. Blood was gushing out everywhere. It was then he noticed that the banister was sliding down had turned into a long razor blade. When he finaly reached the end of the banister he landed in a vat of liquid iodine.

So the moral of the story is, sliding down a banister can be a pain in the b u t t in more ways then one.

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Re: The Banister

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