NBC Masterpiece!!!

What do you like to decorate with? That bucket of blood?
One Eye'd Jack

NBC Masterpiece!!!

Postby One Eye'd Jack » Wed Aug 01, 2007 8:58 pm

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Postby Pennywise11 » Thu Aug 02, 2007 5:21 am

OMG!!! I love this!!! Did you see the little extra pieces that go along with it!!! AWESOME!!!!
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Postby MHooch » Thu Aug 02, 2007 6:14 pm

OEJ: you are not helping me conserve money this season!!!

BUT that is definitely coming home with me!!!!
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Postby Slightlymad » Sat Aug 04, 2007 7:45 pm

conserve nah I just want it and I want it now.
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Postby Dutchess of Darkness » Sat Aug 04, 2007 10:07 pm

Hey OEJ, That NBC Piece is awesome, I think it would look lovely on your pc desk, especally with how you decorate it, it would look simply stunning, and it really suites you to a T. :D Hope you manage to get it, cross my fingers for you. I get sad sometimes, wishing I could buy everyone what they see and want, love to see and make people smile :D
Hey I looked through that link, and omg I fell in love with the Cat-O-Lantern, and the Dracula Water Globe with The Sea of Bats, just love it!

MHoooch, I have to agree with you that OEJ is a very naughty boy when it comes to finding all these sites to spend our money on,lol, what a great guy though for sending us the links at the same time. :wink: BUt I think I'm really going Batty this year :wink:

Postby hauntmaster » Sun Aug 05, 2007 11:02 am

OEJ, that looks cool! Jeez... more than $100 for that!!! OMG!! 8)

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