Halloween Haunted Houses in MN

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Halloween Haunted Houses in MN

Postby SpookShowBaby » Tue Oct 09, 2007 9:53 am

Two weekends ago a friend and I went to 'Spooky Town' in Shakopee, it wasn't worth it. The decorations were terrible and it was very empty. They had a corn maze which was more like a corn walk with monsters scattered here and there. At least it was a nice night out.

Last weekend we went to 'Nightmare at Pinehaven', I really should just stop going here because it is the same every year. The hayride, haunted house, and demon's playground have the exact same layout. The farm area is nice and it was like 80 degrees so that was nice. And a monster slipped and and fell on the hayride.

I hope the other one's don't suck. We used to have a couple good ones here like Spookyworls when it was at Murphy's Landing and the Mall of America used to have a good one too! Is anyone else from this area and have an opinion??
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